Games That Feature Some Of Our Favorite Swimming Levels

Swimming Games

If you are looking to cool off from the likes of Call of Duty and FIFA this summer then why not try your hand at something a bit different and check out some of our favorite swimming games or games that feature some of our favorite swimming levels of all time. So what’re we waiting for? Let’s dive right in! (Sorry this might happen a lot)

franklin swimming to shore in grand theft auto


In case you haven’t heard of Depth, it is a game that plays on the exciting prospect of either being a deep-sea diver on the hunt for treasure or a shark that is looking to make the sea turn red. This is a fascinating game of underwater stealth and action and is ideal gaming for a group of friends!



We might be being a little cheeky here as pretty much the only swimming that occurs in Bioshock is in the opening scene as your plane crash lands in the middle of the ocean…but what a scene! This level fully captures the distress and how disorientated you would be if your plane were to actually crash and burn in the water and you do spend the rest of the game completely under water.


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Whilst the majority of fans are tired of the Assassin’s Creed creators churning out the same content with a different locale, Black Flag offered a refreshing change from the series as it introduce a lot of time both in and under the water. Some of the most enjoyable sections of the game were when you took your character underwater and had to out smart sharks that were ready to have you for dinner.


SpongebobSquarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

How could we not feature SpongebobSquarepants on a water-based feature? After all he does live under the sea. This is a more lighthearted affair than our other favorites and should come as welcome relief after you’ve been torn apart by sharks in Depth and Assassin’s Creed. The refreshing thing about this game is that you aren’t forced to swim around for its entire duration, just as in the cartoon you are free to roam around a variety of areas at the bottom of the sea and explore what Spongebob’s world has to offer.


London 2012 The Official Game

Finally if you are looking for an out-and-out button masher then the swimming races in London 2012, the official game of the Olympics will help sate you. It is one of those classic layouts that is ideal for a group of friends to have some lighthearted fun on and you’ll no doubt begin to get very competitive the more you play. Who knows you might even feel as though you’re competing in the Olympics of spamming the X button when all your friends are watching and the adrenaline gets flowing.



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